Monday 23 July 2012

Dustin Lujan Exclusive Kaleidoscope Eye Kit : Pallid Incandescents - Review & Swatches

Ooooh! Ahhhh! OMG! 

Those were the words I said (read: screamed) when I opened a parcel from my dear friend Linda, who so very kindly purchased this palette on my behalf. I had not seen this in person but I trust her eyes and Dustin's extraordinary talent for making beautiful kaleidoscopes. I still yearn for Smoldering Embarkment. *sigh* I wish!

LMdB Kaleidoscope - First Look!
The shades from top to bottom are:
Flush, a matte pink
Lambent, a shimmery turquoise
Refulgent, satin coral
Ultraviolet, a sparkly lilac

L-R: Flush, Lambent, Refulgent, Ultraviolet
I love the neon pastels in this kit! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I layered the kit top to bottom and bottom to top in the following swatch picture (top two swatches). They don't look much different, if anything, the second Couches de Couleur (CdC) method (bottom to top) gives a more matte finish. This is because Flush is so pigmented that it overwhelms the bottom three tiers. If you were doing the bottom to top CdC, I strongly recommend using Flush only to highlight the brownbone or inner eyes.

I experimented with using some bases to bring out the colour further. I have LMdB's eye pencil in Champagne. In the next swatch, I smudged champagne all over my "lid" and layered the four shades top to bottom. The layered result is still quite light and subtle.

Next, I wanted to try the bottom to top CdC technique using a dark base. Bobbi Brown's Jet Creamy Eye Pencil seemed like the perfect colour. 

The layered result with a black smudged base brings out the purple most. Its more edgy but the only downside is that the coral tones are not noticable at all.

The following swatches are probably my favourite by far. I have used the Jet liner once again. Followed by the purple all over, the turquoise in the inner corner and the coral on the outer corner and on the crease. Flush can be used on the browbone to complete the look. With such a bright eye, what could be more appropriate than using Refulgent (coral) as your blush! I have yet to try this combination but I think it would go together very well.

Photos of each tier, from top to bottom are shown below.



I have only done two eye looks with this palette so far, but I'm so excited to try out more. Please let me know your thoughts. (And, yes, I know something must be done about my eyebrows. Yikes...)

Top to Bottom, no base (taken with a camera phone so the colours are really washed out)

Shu Uemura P Beige cream shadow, Purple All Over, Coral in the crease, Turquoise on outer lid, Pink to highlight browbone


  1. Love how you applied the colours. I'm going apply mine this way also. So pretty!

    1. Thank you Linda!! :) I'm loving the palette a lot. The colours are so refreshing!


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