Wednesday 9 May 2012

Shu Uemura P Wine 25 and P Wine 29 - Review and Swatches

Shu Uemura makes me happy. Ridiculously happy.

So, by now you would realise that I am a blush fiend. I have two cheeks, but I have a whole case full of blushes. Other people have (healthy) hobbies like fishing, and golf. I collect makeup as an obsession "hobby".

P Wine 29, P Wine 25
P Wine 29, P Wine 25
P Wine 29 is a matte rose on me. It has a smidgen of violet in it, but I honestly don't know why this falls in the Wine colour category. Regardless, its gorgeous!

P Wine 25 is a bright cool blue-based pink with fine shimmer throughout. This shade is brightening and will perk your complexion up if you feel that your skin looks a bit dull.

I prefer P Wine 29 since it looks more natural on my skintone, but P Wine 25 is the more unique colour of the two.

Obviously these are quite hard to find following Shu Uemura's revamp of their whole blush collection. If anyone is interested, though, I am more than happy to bring these in store and see if they have dupes or repromotes in the current collection.

And here is a snippet of my and hubby's old engagement photos =) I love looking though old photo albums. So many memories!



  1. I love Shu blushes! I have an old one in Rose Marble and I'm hanging onto it like gold. I'm kind of sad that they revamped their whole line, since Wine 25 would have had my name right on it. Have you seen the new mamachiyo collection, by the way? Totally adorable. I don't even use their foundation, and I want that case.

  2. Hi Ann, no I havent seen the new Mamachiyo collection. Must see it now! :)


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