Sunday 3 March 2013

Chanel Rouge Allure in 95 Enjouee and Rouge Allure Velvet in 43 La Favourite

Chanel is one of those brands that get me everytime. In their latest spring offering, there was this matte, corally pink velvety lipstick called La Favourite #43 that really caught my eye but it sold out very quickly so I had to wait two weeks to get mine!! I picked up Enjouee #95 which is in the normal Rouge Allure (RA) formulation and is slightly more luminous and moisturising on the lips than the RA Velvet formula.

Enjouee - slightly tilted to show the shimmer
Enjouee is a beautiful warm shimmery pink which is sheer on one application but very much buildable. I have been wearing this to the office (look below) with minimal foundation and Tarte Tipsy (this blush is amazing, btw).

Wearing Enjouee :)
La Favourite
When I went back for La Favourite, I actually had to swatch it again because Enjouee and La Favourite are really similar in colour. In the end, it was obvious that La Favourite is so much more peachy in colour than Enjouee and that I liked its colour a little bit more than Enjouee. And so into my shopping bag it went!

L-R: La Favourite, Enjouee
The thing is, when you look at Enjouee on its own, and then whip out La Favourite as a comparison, its very hard to distinguish which is which (if you discount the finish). But when swatched side by side, you can clearly tell them apart!!

Top - Bottom: Enjouee, La Favourite
The other thing I Love about Chanel Rouge Allures is the packaging. You just click on the gold interlocking CCs and the lipstick bullet will release. Its so elegant with the sleek black design and minimal branding.

What do you think about these Rouge Allure lipsticks? Do you have any recommendations for me? What is your favourite colour? :D



  1. Hello, I am new to your site and I love how you are so descriptive and helpful! I am wanting to purchase my first chanel lipstick, I have been more of a glossimer gal in the past. I am looking for a coralish pink that could also be worn with a red lip definer. In other words I want to get many looks out of this color. Do you think enjouee 95 would work? I am also brunette and we have similar skin tone and I think enjouee looks beautiful on you! I also want to be able to wear it during the day to work or run errands. So have you tried it with red liner smudged? I don't know if I should purchase this one or just go for 102 Palpitante. Maybe you could give it a try and let me know what you think. See I have this Dior gloss from a while back and it is the perfect coral pink that can be worn with red liner for a more day look, but I need a lipstick this color. I hope to get some advice and I love your site. Much luck and love from Houston, TX"

  2. Hello!!

    How funny that you are from Houston, I am in Houston right now for a work assignment! haha

    I highly recommend Enjouee with your colouring - i think it would look fabulous with smudged red lipliner :) Palpitante is also a beautiful lipstick but its more of a raspberry red instead of a coral red.

    Hope that helps you! :)


  3. Wow! That is so funny! I really hope you enjoy it here in Houston. We are supposed to get a cool front on Sunday but who can tell. Thanks for getting back to me and I am going to make Enjouee my purchase. Looks like a great starting point in Chanel lipsticks! I love your reviews and all of the great pics you include! Have a beautiful weekend who knows maybe you will find time to do some beauty shopping!


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