Monday 25 June 2012

Sleek Pomegranate and Flushed Blushes - Review and Swatches

Sleek is a UK based company that produces relatively good quality makeup at reasonable prices. Any makeup addict can probably agree with me in that being a makeup hoarder can cost a lot of money. So I do appreciate companies like Sleek and Wet n Wild (US) who really do try to give us the "best value for money". Being in Australia, nothing is cheap. The only low-mid end brand that I love are Natio and Bloom.

I got my hands on two Sleek Blushes in Pomegranate and Flushed. Pomegranate looks like a scary shimmery grape in the pan, but it applies like a blue toned raspberry red with pretty (not chunky) shimmers. Flushed looks like a shimmery deep muted red in the pan but swatches show that the shimmer do not translate. Instead, you get a beautiful flushed glow as if you've been running in the cold weather. 

Sleek Pomegranate
Sleek Flushed
The textures of these are not as soft as some my favourite blushes such as Burberry (I still need to blog about Burberry blushes!), LMdB (ditto...), and Laura Mercier. However, the harder texture ensures that we don't get the dreaded clown cheeks. You can pretty much any old brush with these and not make a mistake.

For example, I need to use a skunk brush and only juuuuuust touch the surface of my Illamasqua blush. Its a pain to have to monitor your brush to blush surface pressure for fear of putting too much on and look like an idiot.

Bottom Line: These are winners for me. The quality is excellent and you can buy them off Ebay for 11 AUD with shipping. How good is that?


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