Friday 25 January 2013

YSL Pure Chromatics #10 - Review and Swatches

I was sort of, kind of, most definitely was pressured into buying this by the lovely sales assistant at the YSL counter at David Jones. I am not totally regretting my decision, because this is the first palette I have owned that is actually designed to be used wet. They even provide special rubber applicators for you to do that!! I thought that was pretty cool :P

The swatches below are dry (top row) and wet (bottom row) swatches. 

There is a gorgeous deep khaki with flecks of microshimmer on the top left of the palette. I used this in the crease for my eye look below.

The top right shade is a silver glitter. It has a sheer silver base and the glitter is very noticeable. I patted this on the inner corner of my mobile lid.

The bottom left shade is a golden khaki, used all over the lid in my eye look.

The bottom right shade is a blackened emerald green with gold shimmer. The green is intensified when used wet and it becomes a beautiful eyeliner shade.  

In terms of softness, I do think these are quite good. The pigmentation is a bit lacking when swatched dry though, and even when wet/foiled, its not out of this world. It does, however, blend very nicely together (wet and dry) and you can mix and match the finishes depending on whether you choose to foil or not. You can even layer a foiled shade on top of a dry one. It all works. The only major problem (aside from lack of pigmentation when dry) is the fallout. It is quite fallout-y. I don't like having to perform a major clean-up after doing my eyes, but other than that I am happy with the overall performance of this palette.

Hope you like my swatches and eye look! I am trying to be more dilligent in swatching and creating wearable looks for you guys and it forces me to think of new ways to wear a certain colour combination in a palette. I have to say I am getting a lot of benefit from the process and I love having more play time with my makeup :D


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