Monday 24 December 2012

Two Tone Manicure - Inspired by "Bachelorette" the movie

I recently watched a movie called "Bachelorette" starring Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie but I could not stop staring at Gena's nails (played by Lizzy Caplan). I don't have any screen shots of her nails from the movie but it looks like a base paint of matte white with a dark vampy red over most of the nail area.

I would expect that an easier way to do this is to buy those french tip stickers to cover the bottom of the nail bed and paint the red nail polish over it. However, I chose to do it the hard way and just free-paint my nails. Disaster. I had so much trouble with this manicure!! (granted, I am not the best with DIY manicures).

The two nail varnish I chose for this manicure is Ciate's Members only and Shu Uemura Shiny Rouge (released as part of a duo in the Wong Kar Wai collection)

I love this manicure a lot... as hard as it was for me to achieve the same look as Gena, I definitely think that the hard work paid off. Its super chic for the holidays!

I have one more review to do before Xmas day, so stay tuned!!

xx eCindy

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