Friday 28 October 2011

Make Up For Ever - Aqua Creams

I've recently been favouring cream eyeshadows simply because they are a cinch to use in the mornings when you don't have a lot of time to get ready (and that's pretty much every morning for me! ).

Product statement on the box:
MUFE Aqua Creams is a multi use product that can be applied on the eyes, cheeks, or lips. The waterproof and long-lasting formula provides impeccable hold that does not crease or run. Its creamy texture allows an easy and quick application with a brush or fingers. Highly concentrated with mother of pearls, Aqua Cream delivers a rich result.

I own Aqua Creams in two colours, #01 (an opague gunmetal grey with multicolour shimmer) and #16 (a frosty baby pink). The cream eyeshadows dry almost instantly and does not budge.

Left-Right: #1 Sheer, #16 Sheer, #1 Thick, #16 Thick

Aqua creams certainly delivers on their promises for me. The problem is that I am not a fan of the gritty feeling and cracked eyeshadow look on my skin when I need to layer for a more intense look.

Are these eyeshadows worth it? Personally, these are just ok. The formula is a bit too dry... I would rather spend my hard earned money on Chanel's Illusion d'Ombres which are just AMAZING. The review for these are coming soon.

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Shu Uemura WKW Holiday 2011 Collection

Shu Uemura's Holiday Collection has just been released in Hong Kong and a couple of weeks back I pre-ordered a few select items that I know I would want so I can review it for you all as soon as it arrives! :)

Clockwise from Top: Dance in Glitter False Eyelashes, Burning in Water Eye & Cheek Palette, Rouge Unlimited- Festive Rouge, Nail Polish Set- Festive Rouge

I am a teensy bit too excited to write a proper review of all the goodies so this post is going to be very picture heavy! :)
Dance in Glitter False Eyelashes - the outer casing is a hologram!!

Dance in Glitter False Eyelashes
The Dance in Glitter False Eyelashes are so glam! The lashes are really dense and long at the outer corners, and its also heavily decorated with glitter. LOVE!!

Eye & Cheek Palette - Burning in Water
Also a hologram casing on  the Eye & Cheek Palette!
 The Burning in Water palette is amazing!! It has three eyeshadows, one glitter shadow, one cream cheek colour and one cheek highlighter.
Eye & Cheek Palette- Burning in Water

Nail Polish Set- Festive Rouge
Rouge Unlimited- Rouge Luster
See swatches below of the lipstick and the Burning in Water palette. Rouge Luster is a strawberry red lip colour with subtle gold shimmer. The Burning in Water palette contains three eyeshadows - dark blue with low level shimmer, a lavender and a baby blue that are both quite shimmery. The textures on these three eyeshadows are amazing!! The pigmentation is also quite good, even though it looks quite poor in my swatches (truthfully, I was trying not to ruin my palette just yet). I am usually not a fan of Shu's glitter eyeshadows because they lack pigmentation and has some fallout. But the glitter eyeshadow in this palette is just amaaaaazing!! It applies as nicely as the other shadows and has very little fallout.

The cream cheek colour included in the palette is a lovely rouge shade that is a cinch to apply. It has a degree of sheerness to it that I love, because it results in the most natural flush on my cheeks! The last product in the palette is a white-pink highlighter. The colour is non-existent on my skin, but you can see a subtle glow from the shimmer.
Left-Right: Rouge Luster, Burning in Water Palette (Artificial light, flash on)

More swatches (Artificial light, flash off)
Let me know what you will be picking up from this collection. I know that I will be getting the glitter mascara, the other set of nail polish as well as the limited edition cleansing oil from this collection.

Till next time,

xoxo Cindy

Wednesday 19 October 2011

My favourite blushes of all time! (Part 2)

Hi all!

Sorry for procrastinating this post... It has been a busy couple of weeks and tonight is the first night that I can finally sit down and finish this two-part saga :). Let's keep this short and sweet, shall we?

To kick off this post with a bang, my next favourite blush is Rock & Republic Call Me. Rock & Republic makes these super soft, super pigmented blushes that come in a hefty compact! The total product mass is 9 grams, which is double the size of a Shu Uemura blush! Yikes! I don't think I will ever hit pan on this baby...
Rock & Republic Compact
See how it just lays down on the skin like it belongs there? You don't get that from glittery blushes, especially from the famed Nars Orgasm. Nars Orgasm was a total disappointment for me.
L-R: Heavy Swatch, Blended out
I was introduced to the Illamasqua on my last trip to Melbourne with my dearest friend Wei (to watch Enrique in concert, yay! ^.^) and ever since then I have been obsessed with their blushes. My favourite blush from Illamasqua is a cream blush (yes, cream!) in a shade called Rude. Oh. My. God. I just love the feel of this blush (or any Illamasqua cream blushes). They feel emollient and have a lot of slip so there is no tugging on your cheeks on application.
Illamasqua Rude

Top to Bottom: Intense Lipgloss in Femme, Powder Blush in Lover, Cream Blush in Rude

And lastly, we have Laura Mercier blushes. In particular, the shades Apricot Blossom and Lotus from the Colour Wardrobe palette (Holiday '10). This palette was my introduction to Laura Mercier and I have been in love ever since. Her eyeshadows are soft and buttery (especially the chocolate shade in this palette). Her lip stains and lip glosses are amaaaazing and long lasting. I have tried every shade of lip stain and lip gloss in the palette and love them all! Her second skin cheek colours are exactly as the name describes. Laura Mercier blushes impart a pretty flush makes you look like you are glowing from within.
Top Tier of Laura Mercier Colour Wardrobe Palette (Holiday '10)

L-R: Spice, Apricot Blossom, Lotus
And here is an extra swatch picture of all the eyeshadows in the palette! Aren't they delicious?? For a more thorough review and swatches of this palette, visit The Beauty Look Book.
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Saturday 8 October 2011

Sneak Peak: Burberry Beauty

I have no idea what took me so long to pay attention to Burberry Beauty.  Perhaps it's because their ad campaigns always look like the models are wearing mundane makeup colors, they don't have bright, eye catching colors or that its luxury was reflected by the prices.  Whatever the hang up was for me, I quickly got over it as soon as I tried their products.  The colors are not mundane.  They are colors that you can wear everyday and that you can get a lot of milage from. 

Since my first visit to the Burberry Beauty counter, I have worn at least one item from my (fast) growing collection.

(clockwise from the top) Fresh Glow, Sheer Luminous Foundation, Effortless Volumizing Mascara, Eye Definer, mini lipstick (part of GWP), Sheer Eyeshadow in Gold Trench and Midnight Brown, Light glow in Tangerine and Misty
Stay tuned for reviews and swatches!

Your Burberry Beauty Addict,

Sunday 2 October 2011

Just letting you guys know...

... that we are still alive and bloggin'! :) Favourite blushes Part 2 is a little delayed because I have a late entry into the mix and I've been super busy with work, life, etc. Rest assured, for those of you who were looking forward to part 2, its COMING SOON!

^.^ Ciao Bellas!