Wednesday 9 May 2012

Les Artistes (Vintage): A Kaleidoscope A Day...

I've had Les Artistes for a couple of days now and even though I have only used it once, I can see this palette being very handy when I need a no-brainer look.

I have quite pigmented lips, so the layered colour of Les Artistes is a very light pinky nude that is perfect for any occasion. I think Les Artistes and Empress will become my staples this fall and I can foresee my running out of these quite quickly. Btw, have I mentioned that I hit pan on Empress?? That's true love, right there. Sorry A =P

Top 2 tiers
Bottom 2 tiers


These vintage kits are near impossible to find now, but not to worry, I am sure you can duplicate the look using the permanent range of lip glosses and lip cremes from LMdB. I really love the Couches de Couleur swatch of this lip kaleidoscope. I wish I can find another for backup!


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