Sunday 27 April 2014

Additional Items for my Blog Sale!

I have some exciting news to share with you all! I have begin a massive cull of my collection in order to pare down and streamline. All I have at the moment are lists of the item sorted by brands - please email me personally if you are really interested in purchasing at

LMdB (prices 50-65 AUD, usage is brand new to lightly tested for most):
Oscar de La Renta
City Girl
Modernist Merlot
Chinoiserie Azure
Blush Kaleidoscope
Bauhaus Eye
Bauhaus Lip
Enchantment Lip
Les Artistes Lip
Autumn Embers Lip
Red Rapture Lip
Aurora Lip
Pallid Incandescents
Violaceous Splendour
Golden Transcendence Lip
On the Coast 

Part 1
Part 2
09 Usumoegi Tested 1x In Box 50 AUD
Face Colour Palette EX-02 BNIB 65 AUD
Ex 11 Sumiredama BNIB 55 AUD
Ex 13 Ginsudama BNIB 55 AUD
Ex 15 Hanazuki BNIB 55 AUD

Charming palette BNIB 50 AUD
Eclosion Us version palette BNIP 45 AUD
Mystere us version palette BNIP 45 AUD
Variation au version palette used once 35 aud
Harmonie du soir palette BNIB 50 AUD
Stupendous palette 95% 35 AUD 
Soho de Chanel blush 95% 35 AUD
Epatant Illusion d ombré 95% 20 AUD
Abstraction illusion d ombré 95% 20 AUD 
Illusoire illusion d ombré BNIB 25 AUD
Bronze rose bronzer BNIP 40 AUD
Bronze coral bronzer BNIP 40 AUD
Sable Rose bronzer BNIP 40 AUD
Sable Beige bronzer BNIP 40 AUD 

Tom Ford:
Lavender Lust quad 95% 45 AUD
translucent Pink pressed powder BNIP 50 AUD

Shu Uemura (vintage):
Midnight Winter Sakura palette 90% 15 AUD
Secret Luscious Rose palette 90% 15 AUD
Adorned Marguerite palette 90% 15 AUD
Fleur de Source palette 90% 15 AUD
Bundle discount: Get all four for 50AUD!!
Domestic Shipping:
Free standard shipping over 150 AUD, Free express shipping over 200 AUD for Australian customers. 
International Shipping:
Standard International Shipping is capped at 15 AUD, I offer a free upgrade to Registered Mail for purchases over 200 AUD.

Please allow three business days for me to pack and send. I have a 9-5 job and don't always have the time to run to the PO :)

Happy Shopping!!

xo Cindy