Wednesday 23 May 2012

Sephora + Pantone Apricot Brandy Blush - A BTiB Giveaway

My dear readers,

I follow a lot of beauty blogs, but I only read a select few religiously. One of these blogs is Best Things in Beauty. Charlestongirl is probably the only blogger who consistently blogs (daily!) and I love reading about her newest finds :).

I was lucky enough to have won her Sephora+Pantone Apricot Brandy Blush giveaway and I was ecstatic to receive this as the reviews for this collection had been just amazing.

Look at the packaging! Isn't it great? When my husband saw this, he asked, "So how much money did you spend on this??" Haha clearly he thought the packaging warrants a hefty price tag but as you all probably know, the Sephora brand is really affordable.

Apricot Brandy is a sheer sparkling orange with gold shimmer throughout.


Another swatch photographed in dim lighting to show the gold shimmer and the slight brown undertone to the blush. Its a very unique colour - I'd hate to say that is a slightly dirty, shimmery orange but that's what I see with my eyes. 

Another shot of the blush on my finger. The intensity does not get imparted onto the skin when applied. I think this makes this orange blush very wearable and a definite winner for me!

The texture is a little harder than I would like. I usually use my Nars Yachiyo to apply blush, but I think a denser, coarser brush will need to be used to pick up pigment from Apricot Brandy. 

Bottom Line: Use with caution if you don't like shimmer. Exfoliate before using this because it is the most shimmery blush that I own and it will highlight imperfections on your cheeks. If you are blessed with good skin, then blush away with Apricot Brandy! :D


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