Monday 7 May 2012

LMdB Chinoiserie Azure (Vintage): A Kaleidoscope A Day...

Day 1: Chinoiserie Azure. Where have you been all my life? 

Its hard for me to explain just how *surprised* I was when I touched the surface of the shadows. I always speak about how amazingly soft and buttery LMdB shadows are. Chinoiserie Azure (CA for short), is that times ten. 

I think I've made my feelings quite clear on various blogs that the recent releases of kaleidoscopes are a disappointment (I may have even offended Mikey, the Creative Director himself! See here). When I received Chinoiserie Azure in the mail, I was even more convinced of this.

Each Swatch is a single swipe, Couches de Couleur application at the top
All of the shades in this kaleidoscope are buttery smooth (wait, I said that already didn't I?) with the exception of the matte shade which is a touch harder. However, it makes this shade perfect for lining the eyes and it just makes me love this palette soooo much more. 

The pigmentation is faultless. The third tier is barely visible on my arm, but this is not due to lack of pigmentation. Its just too close in colour and tonality to my actual skin colour.

Overall, this is an absolute stunner!! I wore this kaleidoscope today with Les Artistes and I was so taken aback by the result. Chinoiserie Azure gives a unique twist on blue and the champagne pearl from the duochrome light blue (second tier) and beige champagne (third tier) really comes through on your eyes for that kaleidoscopic effect.


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