Sunday 21 October 2012

Discontinued Suqqu Palettes Available on!!

Hi guys,

Just letting you all know that the older Suqqu Quads (including the much raved about #01 Kakitsubata and #03 Matsukasa) are available for purchase right now on Selfridges. I just purchased palettes #3 Matsukasa and #6 Ginbudou which I always wanted but could never find. Hehe...

For international shoppers, you can mail forward any purchases from Selfridges via Skypax for a one time purchase fee of 12.50 pounds plus shipping. If you plan to purchase a few items from the UK, you may also choose the membership option of 100 pounds per year.

Have fun!

xx Cindy 

To win one Suqqu Kakitsubata palette, enter my giveaway here.

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