Thursday 28 June 2012

Laura Mercier Moonlight Collection - Reviews and Swatches

As promised, here is my review of the Laura Mercier Moonlight Collection. On the left is the Bare Beam gloss, and the lipsticks on the right are Rose (bottom) and Mistress (top). Mistress was the GWP from my purchase. How nice is it to receive a GWP that is full size and is not some weird colour that no one ever buys?

Bare Beam is a delicious warm caramel with flecks of pink shimmer, Rose is a neutral-cool leaning soft pink, while Mistress is a bright red coral.

Bare Beam has a sickly sweet scent when applied. It lingers for a bit too, but the smell reminds me of their creme brulee body lotion (which I love!) so I don't particularly mind it.  Bare Beam is a little sticky and I can feel its "weight" when I wear them. From memory, I dont think that these are plumping lip glosses but I certainly feel a little more pucker-y when I have these on.

The two lipsticks apply with no discernible scents. They have a nice shine to them and applies very smoothly on the lips. The texture is so remarkable and I am very happy with the two colours I ended up getting.

All three lip products sit comfortably on the lips and the wear time is decent, about 4-5 hours.

Next, I have two eyeshadows for you. Deep Garnet, shown below, is a dark burgundy brown in the pan with bronze flecks. This shade reminds me a lot of the brown/violet sparkly shade in Becca's Balearic Love palette!! I must do a comparison soon :)

I also purchased Pink Pearl, a nice light baby pink with purple sheen. The shade is very opalescent. I love it! 

Laura Mercier eyeshadows often suffers from lack of pigmentation but I suspect that this is because she recommends using her eye shadow base/primer with all Laura Mercier eye makeup. Granite and Pink Pearl both have medium pigmentation, soft texture, and minimal fallout. Worn over a cream shadow (base), the lasting power is 8 hours.

I have arm swatches for you below below. From bottom to top, I swatched Bare Beam (ran out of arm space at the top there...), Granite, Pink Pearl, Rose, Mistress, Rose + Bare Beam (currently a lip combo I love to wear).

Personally, Rose applies a little too cool and too light on my lips so that is the reason why I warm it up with Bare Beam. 

I hope you have enjoyed my Laura Mercier post. Stay tuned for some Chanel goodness (oh my, Chanel! My one true LOVE).


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