Saturday 24 March 2012

Le Metier de Beaute - City Girl - Review and Swatches

I love City Girl. I don't love all released kaleidoscopes but I feel that this kaleidoscope was custom made for me. All of the individual shades are great as a single wash of colour and the layered effect is light, subtle and work appropriate.

The first two tiers in City Girl consist of a light champagne pink and a near matte cornflower blue. The pink is identical to the first tier of Antiquite Poupee. I am quite happy to have a second pan as this is one of my favourite shades ever from LMdB. Its a really nice lid colour on me :D

The last two tiers of this kaleidoscope consists of a sparkling lavender and an olive/taupe/grey shade. If you remember my post on Splendid Frost, the last tier is identical to Crystal Ball which is another eyeshadow favourite of mine from LMdB.

Here are swatches of the individual colours and the layered result. If these are your kind of colours, I suggest you track this palette down somehow. The quality is the best I have seen in the market, the shadows are so wonderfully pigmented and finely milled. A dream to apply.



  1. Where did you get yours? I read that it is only available in Hong Kong......... It's gorgeous blended on your hand.

  2. Hi DEN,

    I had a friend buy it for me from Hong Kong. I suspect its long gone now, but it doesnt hurt to check at Joyce if you have a contact there :)



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