Sunday 23 December 2012

Chanel Variation Quad - Review and Swatches

I was on a layover in Singapore a few months back and spotted this quad at a duty free shop. What's a girl to do in this situation? Haha, after all, the quad looks ever so pretty in the pan and it has purples!! I've recently been taking a departure from my boring old eyeshadows of taupes, browns and bronzes and leaning towards dark navy and purples.

The quad includes an instruction booklet that I have not seen included in Australian versions eventhough they are the same baked version.

Variation includes four colours: a shimmery pale pink, a silvery shimmery green grey, a light shimmery purple, and a dark satiny purple with some silver microshimmer.

Dry and wet swatches are shown below. I have used Chanel eyeshadows dry and wet before and have found that the wetting the shadows cause no significant change to the shadows themselves.

There are several downsides to the baked formula:
- inferior texture compared to the US formula
- sheerer pigmentation, particularly with the shimmery shades (I found the dark purple to be the best performer)
- powdery (you NEED a great base to ensure the shadows adhere better)

With this quad in particular, I find that using the sponge is actually the best way of applying the shadows.

Here is a look that I created with this quad. Forgive the slap-dash makeup application here, I had very limited time because I was running late to go to a movie :P

The one thing I LOVE about this quad is the shimmery shades. It is not visible at all in these photos but imagine the sparkle from the fourth swatch photo on your eyelids. Pretty! As you can see, the result is a grown up, sophisticated eye look that can go from day to night.

The look I created here (day appropriate) can be transformed into a night eye look by patting on the shimmery purple over the mobile lid and using the satiny dark purple on the outer v instead of just as a liner. You can also glam it up with a red or vampy lip :D

I really liked the photo below but the color cast was just horrible so I played with the hues and saturation instead to make it fun. The reason I wanted to include it is to rave about the Frederic Fekkai Glossing range. My hair now has so much volume and natural waves (instead of frizz) and I definitely recommend this product!

Have a great Christmas everyone!! Stay safe and don't drink and drive ;)

xx Cindy

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