Wednesday 26 December 2012

My Favourite Highlight Eyeliners

I have been searching for a great highlight eyeliner for a while now, and I believe I have found a favourite. When I purchased the Giorgio Armani waterproof eye pencils in 04 Antique (antique gold) and 05 Copper (rose gold), I was amazed at the softness of these eyeliners and how well it stays put even on the waterline.


I have a few comparison swatches for you below. I added the LMdB Champagne eyeliner because I momentarily forgot that sometimes, makeup companies name their items in a completely non-sensical way and don't even bother matching the name to the actual shade. I believe LMdB Champagne should have been called Taupe instead. (Also GA Copper...)

In terms of performance, I believe the Giorgio Armani is the best in every way. It is soft in texture and does not pull on your delicate eye area. The Chanel is the worst in this regard, it is hard and you have to use a lot of pressure and pull quite hard across the skin for the colour to deposit on your eye. I had no problems with the application of the LMdB Champagne and MUFE 23L, however, the texture is significantly harder to the touch than the Armani and it does not glide on as easily.  You can probably tell from the picture above that the Armani is just so much creamier.

The lasting power of the Armani is almost on par with the MUFE aqua eyes. I do believe the MUFE is slightly longer lasting but not by much. If Armani had that exact colour (my favourite for lining under the eyes), I would buy it in a heartbeat because the Armani formula is just so much more pleasant to apply. When I used a baby wipe to remove the swatches, the Chanel was the first to go, followed by LMdB. I had to use a little more elbow grease to remove the MUFE but MUFE and GA were the hardest to remove :) To be fair though, neither the LMdB nor the Chanel was advertised as long lasting and waterproof. Chanel Peche Cuivre is indeed a khol pencil which excuses the lasting power (maybe) but still does not explain the texture...

Chanel has released three new waterproof pencils with the spring collection in Santal, Or Rose and Beryl. I can't wait to get my hands on these, especially Or Rose and Beryl, so I can add to my highlight pencil collection :)

What are your favourite eye pencils?? Do share :) If anyone is interested in these GA eyeliners, they are still available online from Harrods. Both are on sale for 14.40 pounds.


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