Wednesday 26 December 2012

RMK Blush in Pink Beige

RMK is a new makeup brand discovery for me this year, having never previously even seen an RMK makeup counter in Australia. The legendary Lisa Eldridge uses RMK products from time to time and she never steers me wrong! I love all her product recommendations, both low and high end :D

I sourced this particular blush from Ebay, and I have been wearing it quite a lot recently because it pairs well with a red lip, and only a red lip will do for the holidays.

Pink Beige has five amazing shades of matte pink fuschia (very pigmented and buttery), shimmery vintage pink (very pigmented and buttery), shimmery bright orange (very pigmented, soft and buttery), a light pearly pink (sheer, buttery), and a sparkling white (medium pigmentation, buttery, kicks up a lot of powder but not chalky).

Below I have two swatches for you. The top swatch is to show how all 5 colours combine, and directly below is a swatch of the top three stripes. With this palette, you can either wear it with all colours swirled together (a no-brainer blusher), or the top two or three colours combined as blusher and the bottom two shades as highlighter.

I am wearing the RMK blush in the photo below. I love that it looks very natural eventhough the three blushing colours look so bright in the pan!

Hope you enjoyed the review. Do you have any RMK blushes? I would love to hear your recommendations because I am dying to get more! :)

xx Cindy

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