Friday 16 November 2012

Shu Uemura Mon Shu Collection (Karl Lagerfeld) - First Impressions and Swatches

As you may have noticed, there have been a few little changes to the blog that I have been making in order to mix things up a little. I realised that I much preferred the old layout (simpler, all photos laid out etc) because I can see all the little details as soon as I open the page. 

Also, I've been branding all my photos with the website name. For this post, I actually forgot to do that prior to uploading all the pictures. Oh well...

The Mon Shu Collection has recently hit David Jones across Australia and I (unexpectedly) picked up a few items. The reasons being:
- Scary Dora isn't as scary in real life as the promotional photos
- The palette price is AUD 88, which is significantly less than the prices of previous palettes

This collection comes with its own Shu Uemura paper bag! How cute :)

Since I purchased three items from the collection (totalling over AUD 150), I received a complimentary Shu Uemura/Karl Lagerfeld cosmetics couch decorated with the Mon Shu theme. The red shimmery colour of this cosmetic case is amazing!

I purchased three items from this collection, the Prestigious Bordeaux palette (browns and purples), the Blackish Purple Eyeliner, and the Special Edition Mon Shu Eyelash Curler.

The back of the palette box...

The eyeliner box...

The spiel on the back of the eyelash curler box...

I think I am MOST excited about the eyelash curler. I see this as a collectible and I don't think I will ever use it :)

The shape of the curler is consistent with the original. The only difference being the red rubber lining and the detachable charm.

Back view...

Side View...

I have never done a review of the Shu Uemura eyelash curler before, but I just want to say that it is amazing!! It curls my eyelashes beautifully and I am so glad I took a chance and tried it. I think this product is AUD 50.

The palette , Prestigious Bordeaux is a beautiful mix of shimmery browns and purples. There is a gold glitter pan and also a red blush with a touch of teracotta.

Upon swatching, I realised that the top two shadows are cream (still not sure about this, it looks like powder but its sooo soft and creamy). The middle two are definitely powder though. All four eyeshadows are so pigmented (swatches are at the bottom of this post) with amazing texture. Its blowing my mind right now!! 

The festive gold glitter accent applies beautifully, and adheres to the skin well with little fallout. The blush is a little patchy, but I think if you use the right blush brush, this can work really well and look natural.

The cover of the palette... what is with the red eyes, Karl? Seriously.

Scary Dora is also on the lid of the eyeliner. She won't stop me from using this baby though. The colour is truly blackish purple (brown) with shimmer. Again, so creamy and long lasting. My arm is still stained from where I swatched the liner. 

Finally, I will let my swatches do the talking. These colours are so much more beautiful in real life. The dark purple cream shadow has multicolour shimmer strewn throughout, and the pinky lilac shadow is also quite shimmery.

The liner is swatched on the left (thin line and thicker smudged band). The palette is swatched next to these and the blusher on top.

Overall, I love this collection. Not super thrilled about the packaging, but the quality of these products are outstanding. I expected nothing less from such a collaboration between a fashion powerhouse icon and Mr Shu!! 

Hope this post has been helpful. 

Cindy xx


  1. Thanks so much for checking out my blog!

    I love the looks of this collection, but I really don't know what they wanted to achieve putting Dora on the packaging. Seriously, I'm sure many people didn't buy this stuff because of her:/

  2. Haha I agree, but I'm glad I let the sales assistant apply it on me. I love your blog, I enjoyed reading through all your posts :)

  3. The two top shades are part of their Silk Smooth eyeshadows line, which explains the super velvety texture :)


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