Wednesday 14 November 2012

Damn Cat!!

The little monster must have been dancing on the keyboard when this got posted. I swear, I was no where near my computer when this post got published!! Hahaha ...

Anyway, since he SO wanted to blog, I'll throw the kitty a bone and post photos of him.

If the kitten were to blog, this is what he would write (and I know because we are connected :P)...

I like the iPad, especially Hay Day.

I like to sleep on the couch.

When mummy has the iPad, i like to stay next to her and occasionally put my paw on the screen and see the pictures change.

Sometimes when I am REALLY REALLY tired, from chasing that speck on the floor (no that was NOT my imagination), I kinda sleep funny. And oh, my tongue lolls out. I can hear those two horrible people leaughing at me.

As much as I like the iPad, though, the laptop is still my best toy. I like to sleep next to it and sit on it when it is being used.


Ronnie (the best ginger ninja EVER!)


  1. I was wondering where that came from! Your kitty is SOOOO adorable!

  2. Hahaha I was so shocked when I saw a nonsensical title and nothing at all written on the latest post Lol


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