Sunday 4 November 2012

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in 817 Apparence and 89 Vision: Review and Comparison Swatches

Forgive my very sporadic blogging lately. I've been hit with two bouts of really bad colds during the past month and it has totally drained any motivation I had in blogging :(

Anyway, onwards and upwards... If you have read my previous posts, you would know that I had purchased a few items for Chanel's holiday collection. I had reviewed the main item from the collection, the Harmonie du Soir palette, and I can't wait to show you the rest!

What I have for you tonight is the IdO in Apparence, and a comparison post with an earlier released Vision.

Apparence is a sheer dirty muted gold. It blends in with my skin colour (I am super super tan right now) and gives a subtle gold highlight to my eyelids without being too IN YOUR FACE. It is very subtle (on me!) and a dead ringer for the gold/brassy colour in the Harmonie du Soir quad :)

Vision is a sparkling glitter bomb which consists solely of gold goodness. It has a clear gel base and it is IMPOSSIBLE to do a thin line (not using the supplied brush anyway), in case you were wondering/wanted this product for that purpose specifically. This one is reserved for a sheer wash of gold glitter fit for the holiday season.

I originally thought that these two could be sisters, and that if you had one, you didn't need the other. Well I was wrong. You need both if you like golds (like me!). Apparence is like the elegant, conservative older sister and Vision is the carefree party-goer who enjoys life to its fullest and attracts attention wherever she goes!

Gun to my head, I would probably choose Apparence because of its subtlety. But Vision is so so pretty. Did you read my description? Its a sparkling gold! Its very hard to ignore its beauty and I would have hated to miss out on it. (So thank you, Anthea, for encouraging me to try it!)

xx Cindy 

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  1. I loved this review (great pictures and swatches), I think I need to check out those when I'm next at the counter.

  2. I definitely recommend checking these out :) I love golds for the holiday!


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