Saturday 24 March 2012

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow - 08 Mizuaoi - Review and Swatches

I purchased Suqqu Mizuaoi after hearing raves about in on various blogs. I tested it twice before writing this review, and I must apologize for not snapping photos of it when it was brand new.

Mizuaoi contains four super smooth and silky eyeshadows - a shimmering baby blue, a shimmering peach leaning pink , a matte grape, a matte ivory.

I love both matte shadows, they are among the smoothest and most pigmented mattes I have ever come across. The shimmery shades however, are a different matter. They swatch really nicely, but don't apply so well on the lids. I find them to have sheer to medium pigmentation and has a bit of fallout. I have swatches for you below.

This is a very expensive palette. At approximately USD $100 per palette, I was expecting to be wowed. My advice: Save your money for something better. I think the quality is there, but the colours are easily duped. The pink and blue shades are similar to Chanel's Sparkling Satins, and the grape is similar to the last shade in LMdB's Le Cirque.



  1. I also want to get this one, btw, thanks to you, I am gonna NOW offer myself some Suqqu stuff thru Skypax!!! Thanks so much!!!

  2. Haha it might work for you, Virginie, but it was way too sheer and light for my coloring. I'm in a beauty rut at the moment, im wearing lots of browns and bronzes and purples :D Let me know how you like it, I will be reviewing some more Suqqu Palettes soon so stay tuned! :D

  3. CAn I just ask you this, about skypax, it's 12 british pounds plus shipping to my country (US)? Do you happen to know how much is the shipping charges from Selfridges For INternational??
    MAny thanks!

  4. I can't be 100 percent certain, but for my order of 3 suqqu palettes, I paid an additional 35 pounds :) the price of shipping per piece may vary slightly with smaller or larger orders :)

    I've always used TNT, cheapest traceable shipping option offered. 3 - 5 day guarantee :)

  5. Hi,

    I realised I misunderstood your question lol I think it's either 40 or 60 pounds :)

  6. Hi! I really like your honest review on this palette. However, I still want it! :) I've been searching high and low for this particular palette (which is how I found your blog) to no avail. Thank you again for the review and pics!


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