Saturday 24 March 2012

Giorgio Armani Haul - Swatches

So... after a long draught of no posts, I am finally back in full force!! I bought two new eyes to kill intense eyeshadows (#7 Sweet Fire and #3 Purpura) as well as three Rouge d'Armani glosses (# 103 beige, #504 pink and #600 plum).

I think the quality of the eyes to kill intense eyeshadows are amazing. Purpura is slightly sheerer than the other colours from this collection, but on the other hand it is perhaps the most beautifully complex purple I have ever laid my eyes on.

I don't have much experience with the Rouge d'Armani glosses but my initial thoughts on these are that they give a beautiful sheen and it is on the thicker/stickier side so it gives a plumping effect on your lips. The beige is the stickiest of them all. There is no discernable scent on these glosses at all.

The plum is a beautiful gloss, perhaps my favourite out of the three (top swatch). It is elegant and interesting and extremely wearable. It has beautiful multi-coloured shimmer too. The pink gloss is not really pink, it is really a translucent gloss with the shimmer shot through for a beautiful sheen. I had to swatch it heavily for the photo and even then, only the tiniest hint of pink is visible. The beige is a shimmery peach gloss that is more pigmented than the other two glosses. I wonder if the level pigmentation has anything to do with the stickiness??

I included an extra close up shot of the two ETKI shades. I think I will get plenty of use from both these shades :D Purpura reminds me of Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Illusiore so if you already have that, you may not need Purpura. For an ETKI addict like me though, this shade is a must have.


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