Thursday 8 March 2012

Becca Balearic Love Smokey Eye Set - Romanticism Eye Tint and Cabrera Line + Define Pencil Review and Swatches

My last post of the night. Becca Romanticism Eye Tint and Cabrera Line + Define Pencil.

The Romanticism Eye Tint is the epitome of pretty. It looks so beautiful and natural as a sheer wash of eyeshadow all over the lid. What I love about it is the texture. Its so smooth and blendable, and very very creamy. I hate cream eyeshadows that are so dry (MUFE, I am looking at you!) that it tugs the delicate skin around your eyes. I have really oily lids so I don't intend on wearing this alone. Do any of you have experience with Becca Eye Tints? Please let me know in the comments section.

Romanticism is a beautiful mixture of grey and rosey nude (?).... I know I'm not really having much luck in the colour description here but I'd hate to be one of those people who calls any complex neutral a "taupe".

Cabrera Line + Define Pencil is shown below. There is a metallic brown side and a metallic dark violet shade. Both are excellent alternatives to black or dark brown eyeliner.

I tried to recreate the look that the model is wearing in the picture. Here is how I did my "eye" look:
  • Smudge violet end of the liner all over your eyelid
  • Use Marcella all over the lid and on the crease. Pat, don't brush. The eye pencil is very creamy and it moves around at the touch of your brush.
  • Darken the outer v of your eyelid with Romal (see my arm swatch). For a more intense look (ala promo photo), take Romal further into the inner eyelid.
  • To complete this eye look, smudge some of the violet eyeliner again on your upper and lower lashlines. Use Marcella to add depth, and also to make sure the eyeliner doesn't budge. Coat your lashes with your favourite mascara (mine is Lancome Hypnose!) and you're good to go.

Verdict: Have I said how much I love Marcella?? The violet liner is heaven-sent, it works so beautifully with the Balearic Love palette. I wore this look today and no smudging. Two thumbs up!!

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