Sunday 24 June 2012

Becca Lost Weekend Palette - Review and Swatches

I have been postponing this review for a while, mainly because its difficult for me to be unbiased when it comes to Becca. Some of you might know that Becca was developed by a Perth based makeup artist, and maybe its the sense of "ownership" and pride over a home grown brand that makes me love everything that I buy from them.

The Lost Weekend Palette was no difference. The colours are soft and muted, right up my alley. These are the colours that I wear on a daily basis to the office. I work in a somewhat conservative environment where most of the women wear little to no makeup at all.

A shot of the back of the palette...

Look at how beautifully natural these colours look on my skin. I think this is what I love *most* about the brand. Effortless beauty. 

Moleskin is a mauve taupe that is almost undetectable on my skin, with a slightly harder texture that is akin to all Becca's Matt shadows. There was little fallout and the pigmentation is sheer to medium. It performs very well over a base/cream shadow. Chino is a beautiful milk chocolate. The texture is, again, a touch harder than I like. The last shade, Moire, is a shimmery lilac taupe. The texture is dreamy and soft and the pigmentation is medium.

L-R: Moleskin, Chino, Moire
Bottom Line: Probably not a must if you have Enigma. I do love the wearability of all three shades so I don't regret buying this palette one bit. You only need to mention the word taupe and I will probably rush out and buy it.

Hopelessly In Love with Becca...

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