Tuesday 26 June 2012

Latest Hauls and Upcoming Reviews

I recently attended a couple of beauty events in Myer for beauty (power)houses Laura Mercier & Chanel. Like a hopeless makeup junkie, I went home with a few goodies. Thankfully, I had some restraint and did not buy everything from the collections. I will be reviewing the following items in the next couple of days (schedule permitting!).

From Laura Mercier's Moonlight Collection, I purchased a couple of eyeshadows (Pink pearl and Granite), a lipgloss (Bare Beam), and a lipstick (Rose), and the nice ladies at the counter gave me a free lipstick as GWP. Score!

A couple weeks later, I dropped by Chanel and picked up ONLY the latest bronzer in Sable Rose and the lipgloss in Calypso. That was a difficult day. I wanted so many more products from this Summer Collection. I urge you to at least give the bronzers a try. Best in class, in my humble opinion! If I had the chance to pick up more items from this collection, I would probably go with Sable Beige (the light coloured bronzer), the duo in Sable-Emouvant, and the eyeliner in Peche Cuivre. The nail varnish in Delight is also calling me. ARGH!!! So frustrating to be on a budget.

Lastly, I want to share with you some current go-to favourites from my stash. They are Le Metier de Beaute lip creme in Red Velvet, Le Metier de Beaute eyeliner in Artemis (this is HG for me, Love Love!), and Le Metier de Beaute eyeshadow in Water Sapphire. I purchased this eyeshadow from Nordstrom and it came completely shattered :( Lucky for me, Nordstrom agreed to give me a refund and on top of that, I was allowed to keep the shadow :D 

P.S: Sorry about the watermark, I took this photos with a different setting and I had to use a converter (Contenta) to be able to upload them onto Blogger :)


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