Monday 30 April 2012

Red Velvet Bullet Holder by Ellis Faas

So, I may have left out the fact that I purchased the Ellis Faas holder in my previous post. Dear readers, it is because I am shameful of my uncontrollable makeup addiction and the need to have a complete set of everything that I love.

I blame my mother for this. She was always a makeup junkie too! 

Besides all things makeup, I also have a cupcake addiction. Particularly the Red Velvet with Cream Cheese kind. It is no surprise, then, when I was tossing up between the original Ellis Faas Holder, and this novelty Red Velvet one, my finger went clickety click on the Red Velvet.

(I don't know why I am speaking like this today - too much sugar, perhaps?)

On to the pictures...

The Case

The top compartment opens up and provides space for the finishing powder

Twist the top compartment open and place the pens with the label facing up

You can twist the bottom to push up the pen that you want to use

My red velvet cake!
Hope you have enjoyed the photos! I have decided on a short post today and let my photos do the talking.

Have a great start of the week, wherever you are! 


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