Thursday 26 April 2012

Ellis Faas Spring Kit

I ordered the Spring Kit from Ellis Faas a couple weeks back and to my delight, my order arrived within four days of them sending a shipping notification. The time frame and the cost (USD 4.50) is just mind boggling and disproportionate to me, and I feel so thankful to Ellis Faas for providing such a wonderful costumer service!

Anyways, I've had some time now to play and experiment with the Milky Lip L207, Eye Lights E304 and Creamy Eyes E106 and I can definitely recommend this Spring Set to everyone!

All three items come with a brush applicator. It took me about 50 turns to get the first product out but apparently that's one too many because I had enough for about two applications. Anyway, I just did a really heavy swatch so nothing was wasted :)

The Creamy Eyes was a total surprise for me. I was expecting more lilac in the shade but its more brown and flesh toned than lilac. Nonetheless, its a beautiful neutral. My photos don't do this shade justice, its a lot more interesting in real life. 

The Eye Lights is gorgeous!! Its so easy to create "party eyes" with this. I do think that any shade from the Eye Lights range is a must-buy from Ellis.

The Milky Lips is hybrid of brown, peach and rose. Its very work appropriate and I have been wearing this shade the most out of the three items.

Bottom Line - Its a good starter kit if you are new to Ellis Faas. I also can't wait for the Summer Kit to be repromoted! I think I've made it my personal mission to buy every seasonal kit from Ellis Faas! :D



  1. Thanks for posting swatches of this kit ;) I've never tried Ellis Faas & was debating if I should take the plunge & buy this set. Is the eyelights more of a violet or is it a dark blue? That taupe shade at the bottom looks divine!

    1. Hi Naomi,

      It is my pleasure :)
      I think you should definitely Spring for this kit! Tehehe

      The eye lights is most definitely a violet, not dark blue. Its lovely and has dimension - so much so that you can see a hint of taupe through the violet.

      Thanks for dropping by ;)



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