Tuesday 7 February 2012

New Skincare Routine: Kiehl's

Before Christmas, I found myself browsing through a Kiehl's store.  I had no intention of buying anything since I was just accompanying a friend but an SA approached me and offer to do a little skincare consultation.  I said yes to kill time and didn't expect much.

We talked about my skin and how it feels (oily on the forehead, dryness on the nose and cheeks) and what I'm most concerned about (my big monthly breakouts and the dry lines that I keep seeing on my nose and cheeks and some pigmentation on my cheeks).  She also did a hydration test which confirmed to her I had combination to oily skin (I say that because I'm not entirely convinced that the little strip that she pressed against my skin to test hydration didn't just collect the oil on my forehead).  Of course, after that, she recommended some products.

For my combination to oily skin she recommended the Ultra Facial Cleanser, Ultra Facial Toner, Ultra Facial Moisturizer, Ultra Facial Cream and, of course, Super Fluid UV Defense.  For night, she suggested I use the Midnight Recovery Concentrate when I'm feeling extra dry.

That day, I bought nothing but the SA still sent me home with almost everything she recommended for me.

A couple of days after visiting the store, I found myself out of cleanser!  I rummaged through my drawers and found the samples I was given.  Now, I was told that I should only try one new product at a time so that you know what works, what doesn't or if you develop any negative reactions.  Naturally, I decided to break the rules and use everything all at once!

Luckily, none of the products that I tried caused any irritations.   If anything, it made my skin smooth and hydrated.  I might even go as far as saying it was glowing!  Needless to say, I bought everything a few days later.  No wonder they've been around since 1851!

What are your favourite Kiehl's products?


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