Monday 20 February 2012

Ellis Faas Makeup Arsenal

I got my very first parcel from Ellis Faas today!  I was so excited that could not run back into the house fast enough to open it.

 I ordered their Concealer in S203, Creamy Lips in L108 and Milky Lips in L207.  Since I took advantage of their Valentines promotion (where they 'doubled the pleasure of your Ellis Lips order!'), I also received Glazed Lips in L309 (which I really wanted after reading this post by Jenny from My Funny Valentine, she made it look so special) and Milky Lips in L206.  Lastly, they also in 5 clips so I can connect my pens together.  I could not be happier with what I received.

Just a quick look at the lip colours that I got:
Top to Bottom: Creamy Lips L108, Milky Lips L206, Glazed Lips L309 (barely visible) and Milky Lips L 207
Their current promotion is order a concealer and get 10% of on your entire order (coupon code: SNOWS200).  Read more about this promotion on their Facebook page.

I'm now ready to face the day with my Ellis Faas makeup arsenal!

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