Wednesday 31 August 2011

Giorgio Armani Fall Collection 2011 - Jacquard Woven Face Palette

Have you seen the Armani Jacquard Face Palette yet?  It's part of the Fall 2011 Collection along with two eye palettes (Jacquard Woven Eye Palette 2 was reviewed by Cindy here).  It contains an ivory highlighter, a bronze and a beige shade for contouring and a bright red pop of color.  The colors in the palette look so beautiful and they glisten in the light.  Just like the eyeshadow palettes, these feel so smooth and almost creamy.  You can see how pigmented the colors are with just one swipe of an eyeshadow brush.  

Giorgio Armani Jacquard Face Palette

one brush swipe

It took me a bit of experimenting to get the right combination of colors out of this palette.  The first few times, I was getting either too much of the white highlight or the red color and I end up looking like I'm frosted.  Only good if you're a cupcake!  After a bit of experimenting, I finally figured out a way to get the right combination. I apply a blend of the middle shades first then layer a touch of the highlighter on my cheekbones and a light application of the red blusher on the apples of my cheeks.  

The SA suggested that this palette could also be used on the eyes but I'm not daring enough for that!

Now that I have the application technique down, this blush is a must have!  It gives me a nice flush of color and a light glow.  Stunning enough to wear on a night out and subtle enough for a day at work.

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