Tuesday 20 November 2012

Ciate Polish and Caviar Beads - Review

I've recently discovered a new nail polish brand called Ciate, and I could not be more excited to show you this post.

Ciate is a company that produces a relatively new brand of nail art whereby you sprinkle and press either caviar beads (featured here), velvet powder (makes your polishes velvety), or sequins.

The quality of the polishes themselves vary between shades. I have tested them in store and found some beautiful colours that are either a little runny or streaky. Most of the polishes are rather good, though :D

I purchased the christmas set from Mecca Cosmetica for 42 AUD, and it comes in a super festive box entirely covered with a picture of caviars and sequins. The set is called the Caviar Mini Bar and comes with four polishes and four caviars. A funnel is provided so you can pour back fallen caviars into the little pots. Nothing is wasted!

Lets look at the selection of colours in this set. The polishes consist of a bright rosy pink, a corally orange, a silver and a gold. I find both silver and gold to be a little thin, but t is very easy to apply. Three coats is required for opacity but if you are going to use the caviar beads, two coats should suffice.

The pink and orange have a slightly thicker consistency, and therefore I think it would create a stronger "base" for the caviars. Both have very nice pigmentation and finish and out of the four available colours, I would definitely wear these two on their own. The metallics are just too sheer for my liking.

The beads' colours are probably a little hard to tell from my photo but I shall try to describe them for you :). Starting from the left:
- Violet/Navy, Red, Silver Caviars and Silver Sequins
- Turquoise, Pink and Clear Caviars
- Silver Caviars
- Turquoise, Pink, and Orange Caviars

In this feature, I will show you how the gold pairs with the turquioise-pink-orange caviars (the two pots at most left in the picture above)

The picture below shows the polish at one coat. 

The picture below shows the polish at TWO coats (slightly more opaque).


Okay, so how do we apply the caviar nails? I can break it down for you into four very simple steps :D
Step 1. Apply one coat of polish. Let dry.
Step 2. Apply second coat of polish. DO NOT wait for this coat to dry.
Step 3. Sprinkle caviars straight from the pots. You can apply as liberally as you like. I prefer a more sparse application to let some of the gold polish shine through.
Step 4. Press caviars down onto the nail bed to ensure adherence.

I really love how cool and different my nails look this weekend :D This manicure is extremely addictive, short lived (2 days), and not to mention fun! Don't say I didn't warn you :)

I highly recommend that you at least TRY Ciate manicures. I could not stop looking at my nails all weekend!

Cindy xx

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