Tuesday 26 February 2013

Collective Haul- MAC Lipsticks in Hot Chocolate, Absolute Power and Ronnie Red (Archie's Girls)

I recently purchased some highly rated MAC lipsticks sight unseen from Nordstrom, and I have a few pictures and swatches for you today. 

Hot chocolate  is a satin lipstick. The name is spot on for this colour, its a milky chocolate brown. It has medium pigmentation and very smooth and buttery to apply to the lips.

Absolute Power (matte) looks like a dark red in the bullet, but it actually lacks pigmentation, and applies to a much brighter warm red than what I expected. It is actually a really nice formula to apply, its somewhere in between a matte and a satin formula, but I would actually hesitate to class this formula as a matte.

Ronnie Red (matte) is a bright red in the tube, and that is how it applies on the lips. The colour is very close to Absolute Power, its almost not worth having them both. Ronnie Red is very pigmented, with a buttery, smooth formula. This is my favourite from my purchases. Again, I don't think this is a MAC matte. Both Absolute Power and Ronnie Red have significantly less scent than Hot Chocolate, which is very vanilla-y (classic MAC scent).

As you can see from the swatches below, Ronnie Red and Absolute Power are so close in colour, they really could be identical. Absolute Power is a smidgen warmer, but not to a noticable extent. 

Also, Ruby Woo is so much more matte than Absolute Power and Ronnie Red. Ruby Woo really pulls on the lips, and its a really dry formula. For that reason, I might get more use out of these new reds in my collection.

From top: Ruby Woo (Matte), Ronnie Red (Matte), Absolute Power (Matte), and Hot Chocolate (Satin)
Have a good night!


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