Thursday 31 January 2013

Dior Cherie Bow Twin Sets in Beige Ruban 530 and Rose Cache-Coeur 840

I got the chance to test my new Dior Twin Sets while I was away on a short vacation last weekend to beautiful coastal Albany and Denmark.

Rose Cache-Coeur  840

Rose Cache-Coeur is a brightening slightly coral pink that has gold pearl when the powder shadow is patted on top. Its the equivalent of Nars Orgasm on the eyes :) Eventhough such a bright shade can risk looking a little 80's, with restrained application this shadow twin set looks smashing for summer and spring.

Just cream eyeshadow

With sparkly pink loose powder shadow on top, edges blended out with Shu Uemura eyeshadow in P832

Beige Ruban 530 

Beige Ruban is a gold leaning neutral that perfects the eyelid and can be used as a powder eyeshadow shade with any colours (not just the sparkly gold it comes with :D)

When applied on its own, it does look a little plain, a little too natural. With the sparkly loose powder on top, the eyes are given a new texture, added dimension and they become simply amazing.
Just cream shadow

With sparkly gold powder shadow on top, taken up to the browbone

I'm happy to report that both Beige Ruban 530 and Rose Cache-Couer 840 were extremely pigmented and long lasting. They are the most long lasting cream eyeshadows I have ever tested, even surpassing my beloved Chanel Illusion d'Ombres. I expected that the shadow would not last at all on my lids and would experience fading and creasing after the 3-4 hour mark. Rose Cache-Couer being such a bright pop of colour, any fading and creasing of this shade would be especially noticable and to my great surprise, the shadow only started creasing at the 8th hour mark. Even then, it was minimal and barely noticable.

Both shadows were tested during a day full of exploring and being outdoors on the beach. How impressive is that??

I think I may get the graphite colour of the twin sets next. They are super easy to use and have great wear. One thing to note is that Beige Ruban is very nude. Just because you can't see much colour on your lids, its there. I made the mistake of trying to build up the colour and ended up excessively tugging my lid area with a marginal increase in saturation of pigment LOL

Happy Friday!



  1. it's Rose Cache Coeur not Couer ...
    Coeur = heart it's French

  2. Thanks for the correction, I have updated the post :)


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