Saturday 4 August 2012

Chanel Ombres Beiges de Tissees - Best. Highlighter. Ever.

Ever since I purchased the Blush Kaleidoscope from LMdB, I've fallen hard and fast for highlighters to layer on top of my blushes. The gold shade is in the kit is so beautiful as a highlighter and layered with with the other three shades. 

Anyway, I'm in a little bit of a Chanel frenzy because a lot of the items I bought recently have been just exceptional.

I tracked down Chanel's Ombres Beiges de Tissees because it has soft shades of pink, yellow, and beige and its formulated so that it can be used on the eyes as well. It has a noticable sheen, which is what I wanted from the highlighter. Something that adds a nice glow to my collection of matte blushes.

With glitter overlay

Without glitter overlay

And the highlighter swatches are below. I can see a slight difference between the yellow and the pink and beige but the differences between the three shades are so subtle.

The mixed swatch is a beige with shimmer that has medium pigmentation. I don't think this highlighter would change the colour of the blush you use underneath. I used a few matte blushes in my stash to show you the effect of this highlighter when layered on top.

LMdB Blush Kaleidoscope - Tier 1 + Chanel Ombres Beiges de Tissees

L-R: LMdB Tier 1, LMdB Tier 1 + Ombres Beiges

LMdB Blush Kaleidoscope - Tier 2 + Chanel Ombres Beiges de Tissees

L-R: LMdB Tier 2, LMdB Tier 2 + CHanel Ombres Beiges

Chanel Fleur de Lotus + Chanel Ombres Beiges de Tissees

L-R: Chanel Fleur de Lotus (FdL), Chanel FdL + Ombres Beiges de Chanel

Chanel Tweed Rose + Chanel Ombres Beiges de Tissees

Top-Bottom: With Ombres Beiges, Without Ombres Beiges

Hope this review has been somewhat helpful! :) What's your favourite highlighter?


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