Wednesday 25 July 2012

More Lunchtime Swatches - Laura Mercier & Chanel Cream Shadows

Before I really got into makeup, I always dismissed cream eyeshadows are a waste of money. I thought that they would crease on me like no one's business (and I abhor creasy eyeshadows!). I have recently fallen in love with Laura Mercier creme eye shadows and I made a decision today to go down to my local Myer and investigate. 

I was so shocked at the number of available cream eyeshadows on display. I don't know if these have been discontinued, but I hope not. While I reviewed the Metallic Creme Eye Shadow in Gold a while back (here), I did not mention that this shadow does not crease on me. At all. It has been on my eyes for 6 hours today and counting and there is no sign of migration. 

I also wandered over to the Chanel counter and spotted a couple of new additions to their Chanel Illusion d'Ombre range. The two new shades are called Vision (gold glitter) and Abstraction (sheer pink with pink and gold reflects).

The following swatches are of Abstraction (top), and Laura Mercier Satinee Creme Eye Colours in Peach Organza (bottom left) and Rum Satin (bottom right). Out of the two Laura Mercier creme eye shadows, I prefer Peach Organza, but I am scared that it won't look good on my lids because its quite a light colour and very opaque. We'll see. Abstraction came home with me though. I tested it on my lids and it looks really beautiful and natural. I hope to do a FOTD soon with this IdO! I did not get swatches of Vision because the Chanel SA tried it on my eyes and it looked horrible on me. Sorry if you wanted to see it :P i'm sure there are other blogs who will rave about it. But not me.

In other news, Chanel will be launching the latest fall collection on August 5th. And what a beautiful collection it will be. I managed to purchase some items in advance, and I'll get some reviews for you as soon as humanly possible. 



  1. Did you end up picking up Abstraction? Also, I'm not sure if you still have Rivere or not, but someone mixed a drop of visine in with it, and it came out a lot more pigmented for her.

  2. I did, it looks amazing on the lids! And, I was a bit hasty to review Riviere badly. It looks quite nice on eventhough its sheer :)

    Does adding Visine change the texture at all??


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