Sunday 6 November 2011

Burberry Beauty: Eyeshadows

I have always been more of an eyeshadow collector than an avid eyeshadow wearer.  I buy them because they always look so pretty, the ads make you think it's easy to create the looks and I start dreaming up all these different things that I could do with them.  Then, I get home and they sit pretty in my drawer until the weekend or one of my friends are over and wants to play with makeup.

For me, putting on eyeshadow usually takes too long during a regular work morning (since I usually hit the snooze button once or twice before getting up) and most days, the perfect look that I have in my head, my makeup skills couldn't always translate or execute in the time I have.  Not anymore!

The colors in the eyeshadow line are inspired by Burberry's iconic trench coat and the weather.  These eyeshadows feel creamy and the application, very smooth (from what I understand, this is thanks to silicone).  The color payoff is sheer to medium but you are able to layer it for a more intense look.  Keep in mind, Burberry is all about the natural look so don't let the sheer to medium color payoff stop you from trying these shadows.

Burberry eyeshadows (L-R): Rosewood, Pale Rose, Khaki
Since I bought my first eyeshadow, No. 4 Gold Trench, I have been acquiring more and more.  My collection now includes No. 6 Almond, No. 21 Midnight brown, No. 8 Khaki, No. 9 Rosewood and No. 12 Pale Rose.

No. 8 Khaki 
No. 9 Rosewood

No.12 Pale Rose

No. 6 Almond

No. 21. Midnight Brown
No. 4 Gold Trench

Which Burberry eyeshadows do you want to try?

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