Tuesday 20 September 2011

My favourite blushes of all time! (Part 1)

I received a request by one of my best friends to review blushes, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to  blog about my favourite blushes!

 The first blush that I will talk about is MAC Ripe Peach. MAC is not a brand that I use besides the occasional limited edition items, and even then, it needs to be something special - be it the packaging (Wonder Woman Collection), or new, unique colours with above average quality (Mac Peacocky and Spring Colour Forecast).

MAC Ripe Peach is just special. It is a graduated peachy shimmery blush that changes colour from a strawberry peachy blush to a light peach.It actually does look like a ripe peach!

Ripe Peach is the most natural looking peach blush ever!! Normally, I would never say that a peach blush can look natural, because lets be honest - who here on Planet Earth actually blushes peach?? For most people, the most natural blush colour would have a pink, nude or brown base.

Ripe Peach

L-R: Individual colour swatches, Mixed colour blended out

Next up are the infamous Chanel Joues Contraste Blushes. These are pretty expensive and so I am pretty picky when it comes to choosing which colours are the most flattering. For your reference, I have a light-medium complexion with warm undertones (Laura Mercier Sunny Beige).

I have five Chanel JCs to date - Narcisse (EU), Reflex (US), Espiegle (US), Pink Explosion (EU) and Fresque (EU). Chanel JCs are some of the best blushes you can own if you can stand the strong rose scent emanating from the blush. They are soft and not overly pigmented so you can never overdo it and end up looking like a clown. JCs blend into your skin perfectly and gives you a natural finish.

Note: European (EU) JCs are baked and weigh in at 4 g, while the lucky people in the US gets the older version of JCs which weigh in at 6 g. There is a slight difference in application and texture but I find that overall the US version is more powdery, while the EU version is of harder texture but more glowy (and a little sheerer).


L-R: Heavy Swatch, Blended Out
Another favourite blusher of mine is made by Korres. Korres originated in Greece and this brand markets itself as an all natural makeup company which I really dig. Korres blushes are super expensive here in Australia, so if you can get someone to pick it up for you from the US or Greece, you can potentially save a LOT of money :). Anyway, Korres makes these super finely milled blushes that are a cinch to apply! I usually need to go easy on these because they are really pigmented and you can easily overdo it. My favourite shade is Coral (45), because eventhough it is a matte blush, it makes your cheeks glow! Love it!

Korres Coral

L-R: Heavy Swatch, Blended Out
Lastly, there are Shu Uemura blushes! I am becoming more and more fond of Shu Uemura lately because I find that they are very reasonably priced - on par with MAC, and I think they have better quality too :). Shu Uemura blushes have decent pigmentation and they have a great colour selection. My current favourite is P 366 Medium Coral. This colour is a bright pinky coral with gold shimmer and is very flatering and brightening.

L-R: P 366, P 832, P 781
L-R: Heavy Swatch, Blended Out
See you lovely ladies! Stay tuned for Part 2 :)



  1. I love Ripe Peach! It is such a cool blush and it is really pretty :D


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