Sunday 25 December 2011

My Burberry Eyeshadow Addiction (and a little bit of Edward Bess!)

Hi everyone...

Its the day after the day after Christmas (LOL), and so before I get too much into makeup, let me just wish you a very Merry Christmas wherever you are. Hope you all had a good day/night with your loved ones... I know I did! The loot this year included some goodies from Peter Alexander, Glasshouse, Kikki K, some candy and a masterchef cookbook! ^.^

Recently, Claire had purchased for me some Burberry beauty goodies (Burberry Beauty is not currently available in Australia) and so far, every single product I have tried/swatched has blown me away.

Today I will be posting on three Burberry eyeshadows that I currently own - Trench (#02), Rosewood (#09) and Midnight Brown (#12) and an Edward Bess eyeshadow in Night.

L-R: EB Night, Midnight Brown, Rosewood, Trench

L-R: Night, Midnight Brown, Rosewood, Trench
I do love all the Burberry eyeshadows, especially Midnight Brown and Trench. For the record, all eyeshadows have excellent texture. The Edward Bess does not apply as evenly as the others but most matte shadows have this problem. My detailed thoughts below:
  •  Edward Bess Night - lovely texture, lovely pigmentation, but swatches and applies poorly on eyelids... This one is a pass, I'm afraid. It will work well as a liner, so all is not lost :)
  • Burberry Midnight Brown - best eyeshadow texture , sheer pigmentation, smooth and even application. The colour is divine - medium brown with shimmer that gives a luminous effect.
  • Burberry Rosewood - in terms of quality, this one is just like Midnight Brown. The colour is interesting... On me, its a pinky, mauvy light brown. 
  • Burberry Trench - AMAZING eyeshadow. This one I can not fault. Great for browbone highlight, or as a lid shade for a classic, simple office-appropriate look.
I hope you have enjoyed my review :) Please check back soon for more makeup eye candy! I have been secretly amassing a huge amount of Le Metier de Beaute kaleidoscopes so I must review them in the new year :)

Update - 26/02/2012: I wore Midnight Brown out for the whole day today (7.30 am till 7.30 pm) and I saw little to no creasing and no fading of the eyeshadow at all. WOWZA! Note that I wear all my eyeshadows over Shu Uemura Cream Eyeshadow P Beige as a base/primer.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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