Tuesday 20 September 2011

My Le Metier de Beaute Experiment

Tonight I decided to do a bit of "fun" swatching and just mix and match my existing Le Metier de Beaute shadows using the Couches de Couleur technique. Admittedly I am an amateur at eye makeup application so I do like techniques that are simple to duplicate and quick to pull off early in the morning. So!

Here are the results :)

L-R: Le Cirque, Splendid Frost, Experiment 1, Experiment 2, Violaceous Splendour *
The last three swatches are my own mix of colours. I think they turned out quite pretty! For some reason, I do believe the limited edition kaleidoscope eye kits contain much much better quality shadows. The regular line of permanent eyeshadows have some outstanding shades like Jojo & Corinthian.

Experiment 1 is Innocence, Chameleon, Sequoia, and Midnight Blue. I don't like Midnight Blue much, i found it to be gritty and sheer in pigmentation but it does remind me of a "Midnight Blue" sky. The resulting colour is weird. At first glance it seems to be a sheered out black with glitter but you can see that its not. Its hard to describe and capture in photos, so its best to maybe try this combo yourself in the store :)

The swatch that I called Experiment 2 is a mix of Goldstone, Jade, Jojo and Tamarack. All four shades are amazingly buttery smooth and pigmented and creates an olive-y gold that is to die for!

The last swatch is actually not really "my"experiment... not really LOL! I purchased a Violaceous Splendour that has been modified and does not include the red (second) shade. I chose Sugar as a replacement because I thought it would be a nice colour to tone down the purple. Here is "my"version of Violaceous Splendour...

On a side note, I have been road testing LMdB's Peau Vierge for a week now, and so far I love it!


P.S: If anyone wants swatches of any of the shades I mentioned, please ask me and I'd be happy to post them.

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